Finally, A Line Of Flashlights That Works As Hard As You Do

DURACELL® Industrial: All-Around Toughness

The Industrial line provides a wide variety of options to meet any demand. From the lightweight Stainless Steel Pen Light, to the disposable LED Life Lite, there is something to accommodate every person’s personal lighting needs.

DURACELL® Tough 4AA LED Flashlight (60-020)

The Duracell® Tough 4AA LED Flashlight is heavy-duty with a non-slip rubber grip for easy use and added durability.  The tough design of the LED Flashlight is built to last on any job, through the house or outdoor.  Bright LED shines where you need it.  Easily stand the LED Flashlight on the end for hands free use.

4AA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 76 Lumens
  • 11 Hour Run Time
  • 30 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Industrial LED Flashlight With Dual Power (60-140)

Industrial, shockproof and water resistant LED flashlight is great for any application of use.  Professional use or home use, this flashlight is perfect.  The Duracell® LED Industrial strength flashlight is corrosion, chemical, grease & oil resistant. Convenient retractable hang hook at the base of the handle allows you to use where light is needed.

Flashlight uses 2AA batteries & adapters or 2D batteries.  2AA Duracell® batteries & adapters included.

  • 30 Lumens
  • 26 Hour Run Time
  • 50 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® LED Lifelite Flashlight (60-100)

The Duracell® LED Lifelite brings you a bright flashlight is great for all applications of use.  Compact size fits in your pocket, toolbox, glove compartment, purse and more.  Long lasting run time and shelf life are features of this Duracell® Lifelite Flashlight.  Easy to use, simple slide the switch.  Flat base allows the flashlight to stand easily if you want to shine light on the job you are working on.  Disposable design, no batteries to change.

  • 14 Lumens
  • 78 hours Run Time
  • 46 Meter Beam Distance

DURACELL® LED Voyager Flashlight (60-111)

The Duracell® Voyager LED Flashlight is built with a bright LED, this rubber flashlight is durable and water resistant.  The LED flashlight features a non-slip grip and a convenient wrist strap.  Easy push button switch allows you to turn on and off quickly.  This LED Flashlight is a great addition to any home or work tool kit, for use in and around the home and so much more.

2AA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 55 Lumens
  • 6 Hour Run Time
  • 21 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant

DURACELL® Stainless Steel Pen Light (60-115)

The Duracell® Stainless Steel LED Penlight/Flashlight features a slim design fits in your pocket or virtually anywhere.  Easy to use, push button switch on the end.  Water resistant LED flashlight has a stainless steel housing.  Extended run time.

2AAA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 5 Lumens
  • 8 Hour Run Time
  • 20 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)