Turn Night Into Day With the Push of a Button

DURACELL® Daylite 2AA LED Flashlight (60-000)

The Duracell® Daylite LED Flashlight provides a powerful and super bright white light. The LED flashlight will light your way at night, while working, camping, anywhere you need it! Rugged aircraft grade aluminum design. Lightweight and easy to use. A must have Daylite flashlight.

Includes 2AA Duracell® batteries.

  • 80 Lumens
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 60 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Daylite 3AAA LED Flashlight (60-001)

Lightweight and compact design makes this Duracell® Daylite flashlight a must for home, auto, camping, hiking and more.  Easy to use 3AAA design features a bright & powerful LED flashlight in the palm of your hand.  This flashlight has many uses, a must have Duracell® Daylite flashlight.

3AAA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 85 Lumens
  • 25 Hour Run Time
  • 80 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Daylite 3AA LED Flashlight (60-003)

The Duracell® Daylite 3AA LED Flashlight offers a bright, 160 lumen white LED.  The 3AA Daylite features an aircraft grade aluminum design providing a rugged lightweight light.  Large size flashlight powered by 3AA Duracell® batteries, included. Daylite technology turns night into day.

3AA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 160 Lumen
  • 13 Hour Run Time
  • 234 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Daylite LED Pen/Worklight (60-012)

The Duracell® Daylite LED light features a traditional flashlight & 360 degree work light in one compact rugged light. Flared end allows the light to stand up for use as a lantern or work light.  Simply pull the end of the flashlight up to use as a lantern.  The aircraft grade aluminum design features a pen clip on the side, allowing you to clip to your pocket or belt to have the light with you.  Push button switch on the end cap allows you one handed operation.  Always have this Duracell® Daylite LED Work Light with you.

2AAA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 45 Lumens
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 24 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)