Strength And Dependability You Can Count On

Durabeam Flashlights: Built To Last

The Durabeam line is constructed with fully rubberized bodies to be shock resistant, non-slip, and water resistant. This line is the ultimate in durability and wear and tear. Made with function in mind, these lights will stand up to any test.

DURACELL® Durabeam 2AA 3 LED Flashlight (60-040)

Bright & powerful Duracell® Durabeam 3 LED Flashlight mean no bulbs to replace.  Lightweight flashlight design fits in your pocket, tool box, purse, glove box, drawer and more.  Comfortable rubberized grip fits easily in your hand.  The flashlight stands on end to be used hands free.

2AA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 43 Lumens
  • 12 Hour Run Time
  • 31 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Durabeam 3AAA 9 LED Flashlight (60-042)

This Duracell® Durabeam 9 LED Flashlight features a compact design with a rubberized grip.  9 powerful LEDs light your way, this flashlight is a must have.  Great for your home, auto, camping, garage and more.  Keep one in your car and one at home.  Never be without this bright white LED flashlight.

3AAA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 52 Lumens
  • 10.5 Hour Run Time
  • 33 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)

DURACELL® Durabeam Dual Mode Portable Light (60-051)

The Duracell® Durabeam Dual Mode LED Flashlight & Lantern should be a must have with you anywhere.  The features include a lightweight flashlight & lantern built into one unit.  Push the button once and the flashlight turns on, press again and the LEDs for the lantern turn on.

Light can stand on the end cap or on the lens for the lantern mode.  Shines light all around.  A must have flashlight & lantern. Great to use camping, hanging out in the back yard, working on your car or around the house.  So many uses.

3AA Duracell® batteries included.

  • 70 Lumens
  • 22 Hour Run Time
  • 136 Meter Beam Distance
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)