Duracell Daylite LED Flashlights

Duracell’s Daylite LED Flashlights feature technology to provide innovative high-power LEDs that deliver white, bright, smooth light.

All Daylite Series flashlights are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for exceptional durability. They are lightweight and durable enough to withstand the toughest situations.

Daylite’s high power LED technology and precision lenses maximize efficiency for more battery life than equal lumen incandescent flashlights.

All that and batteries included from a brand you can trust.

Get the long-lasting performance to turn night into day.


2AAA PENLIGHT/WORKLIGHT60-012 daylitePenliteFront closednew 3AAA FLASHLIGHT60-001 daylite3AAAFrontnew 3AA FLASHLIGHT60-003 daylite3aaFrontnew

2AA FLASHLIGHT60-000 daylite2aaFrontnew